San Francisco City Hall Engagement Photo Shoot / by Ryan Hasvold

San Francisco City Hall Engagement Photo Session_1.jpg

When Rita first emailed me and said that she wanted to do a "love shoot" to celebrate how much she and her fiance loved San Francisco, I knew this would be a fun couple to work with! We tossed around some ideas and eventually landed on doing the whole session in the San Francisco City Hall building, with tons of great ideas for poses and locations within the gorgeous, romantic architecture of City Hall. 

We showed up on a Monday morning to try to beat the crowds...and we partially succeeded! Even on a weekday morning, this location draws tourists, couples, families, and of course small weddings and elopements all hoping for for those drool-worthy photos. We had to get a little creative and be very patient to get shots without too many people in the background, but it also really allowed us to talk and get to know each other.

In fact, I found out that engagement photography isn't a very common concept in the Netherlands, where they're from! I loved that this couple were creative enough to basically re-invent the concept of an engagement shoot on their own, and it was very interesting hearing about traditions in different parts of the world.

Part of what I love about photography is getting to connect with people, so this was perfect! We all got more and more comfortable as the session went on, and in the end we came away with some wonderful engagement photos.