Senior Shoot with Austin

I had a ton of fun working with Austin as my first official senior portrait subject! Austin was so easygoing and fun to work with, patient as I tried out endless combinations of poses and backgrounds, and endlessly positive. I think he's a natural! 

We started in downtown Los Gatos, CA and explored near the high school and on down the street toward Old Downtown for cool urban and modern scenes. Then we quickly headed over to Vasona Park in Los Gatos for more nature-oriented shots, which turned out to be some of our favorites. Finally, it was time to see what Campbell had to offer, and we loved all the brick and ivy at the parking lot just south of downtown. 

Overall, this was a wonderful experience for me and I am very happy with the way the pictures turned out. Here are a few of the highlights, and I'll be adding more soon!

Feel free to comment or send me an email on the contact page if you want to know any more about setting up a session!